Protect Your Personal Information at All Times

East Boston Savings Bank is committed to keeping our customers personal information secure. We will never contact you and ask for personal banking details such as account numbers, log in details, Social Security Number, and PIN. Never disclose your personal banking details or any other personal information in response to an email, phone call or text message.

FOUND MONEY SCAM: In recent days we have heard of a number of incidents where a fraudster was representing themselves as Richard Gavegnano, CEO of East Boston Savings. The scam involves the pretense that a large sum of money has been deposited in the victim's name and to receive that money, the victim needs to send a fee (ranging from $400 - $1,000).

SOCIAL MEDIA FRAUD: East Boston Savings Bank does not solicit funds for account opening via social media. If you are seeking to open accounts with the bank, please do so in person or via the links available on this website. Do not send deposits directly to individuals representing themselves as employees via social media.

Recognizing and Preventing Fraud

What is Identity Theft? How can I protect myself?

Internet Safety Tips

To Report a Lost or Stolen ATM or Visa Debit Card

Call 1-800-657-3272 or visit your nearest branch